Keto Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Total Time:

Step into comfort food heaven with our Keto Chicken Pot Pie Soup. This beautifully blended recipe brings a deliciously delightful fusion of warmth and indulgence, without compromising your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Infused with lusciously tender boneless skinless chicken breast, caramelized onion, and freshly minced garlic, this hearty soup is more than just a meal; it is warmth in a bowl, comfort in every bite.

Unlock a world of flavors with a blend that includes butter-drenched celery ribs and delicately diced carrots. This richly diverse play of textures brings together the crunchy embrace of fresh veggies and the supple yield of succulent chicken in a way that tantalizes the palate. Nestled comfortably within a base of savory chicken stock that hosts a sprinkle of frozen peas, every spoonful is a tribute to balance, to taste, and to delectable satisfaction. Also, don't forget the addition of heavy cream, which seamlessly merges all elements together, culminating in a creamy symphony that aligns perfectly with a keto-friendly diet. All of this hearty goodness is further amplified by the symphony of signature chicken seasoning and the subtle kiss of salt and pepper.

While this recipe is satisfyingly filling and perfect for a chilly evening, it can also serve as an unexpectedly versatile dish. It pairs well with different side dishes offering a plethora of meal combinations to keep you intrigued. From being a cozy lunch recipe to a comforting dinner delight, this Keto Chicken Pot Pie does it all. And the best part is, every step of the way is simplified and conveniently streamlined with the Lazy Keto App. This user-friendly tool makes the entire experience from preparation to enjoyment seamless, inviting you to immerse yourself in the delicious comfort of a well-loved classic, reimagined and revitalized to suit your keto lifestyle.

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chicken breasts1 1/2 Lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, diced
onion1 Medium Onion, finely chopped
garlic3 Cloves Garlic, minced
butter2 Tbsp Butter
celery2 Celery Ribs, diced
carrot1 Medium Carrot, diced
chicken stock4 Cups Chicken Stock
peas1/2 Cup Frozen Peas
heavy cream1 Cup Heavy Cream
chicken seasoning1 Tsp Chicken Seasoning
salt and pepperSalt and Pepper, to taste


Melt butter and sauté onion and garlic until tender in a large pot.
Add celery and carrots, stirring for a few minutes.
Add and cook chicken with salt, pepper, and chicken seasoning until almost done.
Pour in chicken broth and let simmer for 15 minutes.
Reduce heat, add heavy cream, and season with salt and pepper, then simmer for an additional 5 minutes.
Garnish with fresh parsley, if desired, and serve.
Nutrition Facts
6 servings
% Daily value*

Total Fat 23.14g

Saturated Fat 12.74g

Cholesterol 132.37mg

Sodium 605.02mg

Total Carbohydrate 6.25g

Dietary Fiber 1.37g

Included Sugar 2.67g

Net Carbohydrates 4.88g

Protein 30.35g
Vitamin D 0.75mcg

Calcium 54.24mg

Iron 1.16mg

Potassium 726.41mg
The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.