Keto Caramelized Onion and Horseradish Mash

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If you're looking for a comforting side dish that falls within your keto diet plan, then Keto Caramelized Onion an Horseradish Mash is the perfect recipe for you. By swapping traditional mashed potatoes for a generous head of cauliflower, this delicious and earthy dish offers a luxury culinary experience while keeping carbs to a minimum. Expertly fused with rich, buttery caramelized onions and the spicy kick of horseradish, this amazing dish is high in flavor, nutrients, and satiety - without the guilt of overloading on carbohydrates.

Just as our 'keto mobile app' is designed to help streamline your keto journey, the Keto Caramelized Onion an Horseradish Mash recipe aims to bring you keto fare that is as delicious as it is nourishing. Imagine the sweetness of lightly browned onions complementing the creamy smoothness of expertly mashed cauliflower, punctuated with the invigorating heat of horseradish! This dish generates a riot of flavors that will not only please your taste buds but will also make you forget what you aren't missing out on despite being on a keto diet.

You will be astonished at the versatility of this Keto Caramelized Onion an Horseradish Mash. Be it a meal with your family on a cool autumn night or a banquet for your diabetic friends, this dish fits in seamlessly. The secret lies in the clever orchestration of keto-friendly ingredients that deliver a robust and balanced flavor profile. Not only does it incorporate the luxurious textures of traditional comfort food, but it also fulfills one's desire for a wholesome, low-carb meal – all while fitting into a healthy keto lifestyle. Such a versatile and satisfying dish that delivers on so many fronts is indeed a rare find!

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onion1 medium onion, thinly sliced
garlic2 tbsp minced garlic
butter2 tbsp butter
olive oil2 tbsp olive oil
sea salt and peppersea salt and black pepper, to taste
cauliflower1 large head cauliflower, cleaned and trimmed
cream¼ cup sour cream
creamy horseradish¼ cup creamy horseradish


In a large sauté pan over low-medium heat, add onions, garlic, butter, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Cook until onions are nice and caramelized. About 30 minutes.
While the onions are caramelizing, fill a large sauce pan with 1 inch of water. Over high heat, steam the cauliflower, whole and, covered, until fork tender – About 15 minutes. Once the cauliflower is fork tender, drain the water and remove from heat. Leave the cauliflower in the hot pan to help draw out some of the excess moisture. (Don’t skip this step or your mash will turn out soupy)
Fork mash the cauliflower in the pan. Add caramelized onions, sour cream, horseradish sauce, sea salt and black pepper to the pan. Using a potato masher or hand mixer, mix all ingredients together.
Nutrition Facts
8 servings
% Daily value*

Total Fat 9.14g

Saturated Fat 3.18g

Cholesterol 11.87mg

Sodium 282.8mg

Total Carbohydrate 6.35g

Dietary Fiber 2.62g

Included Sugar 1.49g

Net Carbohydrates 3.73g

Protein 4.59g
Vitamin D 0mcg

Calcium 42.35mg

Iron 0.56mg

Potassium 370.41mg
The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.